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Punta Cana is known the world over for stunning beaches, upscale hotels, romantic settings, and amazing golf courses. The East Coast beaches of the Dominican Republic's Altagracia province have consistently been ranked as some of the world's best by those who have visited them. Don't think that after an active day the night activities and shows at the resorts are your only options for having fun. Not at all! After a day filled with adventure, night activities and shows at the resorts are not your only option for fun. You can experience the nightlife of Punta Cana like a local at any one of these popular places: - Punta Cava, Punta Cana Village. - Playa Blanca, Punta Cana Resort & Club. - Hard Rock Café, Palma Real Village, Bávaro. - Montecristo Café, Palma Real Village, Bávaro. - Palacio del Cine, [Film Palace] Palma Real Village, Bávaro. - Photo Bar, Bávaro. - Discoteca Mangú [Disco], Bávaro. - Coyote Disco Bar, Plaza las Brisas, Bávaro, - Huracán Café, Bávaro. - Restaurante Jelly Fish, Bávaro. - Bávaro Hot Spot, Bávaro - Imaginarium, Bávaro. - Soles Chillout Lounge, Los Corales. - Discoteca Pachá [Disco], at RIU hotels, Arena Gorda. - Areito, in the Caribe Club Princess hotel, Bávaro.