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We dedicate a lot of attention to the demands of couples who want to say yes by the stunning Caribbean Sea. Those who want to organize their own wedding in our Aparthotel have a wide choice at their disposal with regard to catering and the organization of all the details of the location. At the Aparthotel of Los Flamencos you can get married enjoying the magic of the day: nothing is left to chance, our excellent staff and management take care of all, living by a positive philosophy that distinguishes our exclusive tourism proposal. Take a quick look at the locations dedicated to weddings and choose the one most suited to your needs: for all the rest the staff of Los Flamencos will take care of it and are always ready to meet you and to make your stay in Dominican Republic paradise.

Why choose us?

  • WEDDING PLANNER: We take care of all the organization of your wedding, the hospitality at the ceremony, from the location to the refreshments.
  • HOSPITALITY AND SERVICES: We are here for you, to welcome you and to make special your every day, especially when you decide to say yes forever.
  • ON THE SHORES OF THE CARIBBEAN SEA: We are here and we are proud to make it even more magical enchantment of the Caribbean Sea!
  • EXCLUSIVITY: Choose us for exclusivity, the attention we pay to make special days dedicated only to your love.
  • LOVE DOMINICAN: For the love we have for the beautiful Dominican Republic, we always reserve many wonderful surprises!
  • WEDDING DREAMS: Choose us for your honeymoon, we will not disappoint and will return home in the heart with a wonderful experience.