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One of the most beautiful islands in the whole country, located south of the city of La Romana. The sea is calm and allows everyone to bathe in these turquoise waters in search of incredible fish. The place is only a couple of meters deep and is ideal for those who have never done Snorkeling before as they will always be accompanied by one of our scientific guides. The price of this excirsion is $ 50 and lasts half a day.

Atalntic Princess and Bayahibe coral reef: This relict, positioned at the bottom of the sea 12 meters deep, has the upper part completely submerged in a cloud of fish. The bridge is 3 or 4 meters deep. It is full of marine life and some very rare species of seahorses. In addition everything around has a beautiful reef where you can appreciate the marine life typical of the Caribbean Sea, specifically the Dominican Republic.

The price of this excursion, which lasts approximately 2 hours, is $ 55 (if you already have the patent for diving).