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Some of the best sites in the entire Dominican Republic are just a few minutes by boat from our base in Bayahibe. Take a look at our dive points. Some of which are known only by the staff of Coral Point Diving thanks to decades of experience in the area of ​​its instructors.

# 1-2 Catalina Wall and Aquarium: "The Wall" - The wall goes down to 50 m and is characteristic for the numerous sea fans. The Aquarium is rich in marine life such as seahorses, stingrays, lobsters and moray eels; these two dive sites are visited by many diving centers.

# 4 Dreams Shallow: This dive site is shallow and ideal for those who are starting a new diving experience. It is only a few minutes by boat from the Coral Point center and is only 5 meters deep. It is a site full of hard and soft corals that will entertain you throughout the dive and is full of box fish, fusiliers, bridesmaids etc. It is an area frequented by divers and boats that feel during the dive but it is absolutely safe and well marked on the surface during the whole dive.

# 6 Magallanes: A pleasant area for doing exercises in confined waters and diving from the coast. The area is surrounded by corals and marine fauna with a sandy area in the center and is located a stone's throw from the Coral Point center. Here you can find numerous nudibranchs, stingrays,
boxfish, bridesmaids, sergeant major, small barracudas, trumpet fish, angel fish and spiny shells.

# 7 Viva Shallow: With a maximum depth of 10 m, this site is ideal for those who want to see a prolific marine life. The dive begins with a descent to 6 m and continues swimming along the bottom for another 3 m until reaching a coral wall, the dive takes place along this coral reef to discover races, lionfish, angelfish, octopuses, trumpet fish and occasionally you can spot some sailfish. On the way back up the wall full of sponges, nudibranchs and box fish. The dive ends with a visit to the underwater museum with remains of cannons and large anchors dated back to 1724

# 12-13 Guaraguao I and Guaraguao II: The corals at this dive site are particularly lush, hard corals, gorgonians and sponges populate this area rich in hermit crabs, green anemones, shrimps, fire worms, sea cucumbers etc ... This dive site is ideal to observe calmly and see the small and numerous sea creatures. Do not forget to bring your camera!
16 Aquarium (Peñon): The coral reef called Acquario or Penyon is located in the area of ​​the Eastern National Park. The name is due to the fact that many divers have the sensation of being in an aquarium during the dive thanks to its impressive variety of marine life and colors. You can see moraines inside their hiding places, trines that swim elegantly and shoals of fish everywhere. This dive site is an unforgettable experience for experts and beginners as its maximum depth is 12 m.

# 20 Parguera: Another excellent dive site is 'La Parguera' with a depth of 17m located near the island of Saona. This site is famous for its large fish population. You can easily find nurse sharks and turale.

# 21 El Faro: El Faro is a perfect dive site for beginners with a depth of 15m. It is the best area in the whole Dominican Republic to spot barracuda. Once you reach the bottom, you will see the breeds in their habitat, calm and relaxed resting on the bottom. Bring the camera to capture this unique show! The dive at El Faro is combined with that at La Parguera.

# 22 Shark Point: Another spectacular dive site suitable for divers of all levels. It is also a destination for full-day excursions (some visit the two sites in one day). The depth is 25m but often the dive begins in the lower part. Barrier sharks swim in this area full of ancient caves and corals that harbor moray eels, octopuses, giant stingrays and nurse sharks.